24.01.2007. год.

The reason of the courage for this type of addressing is that, with more than 50000 signatures, RS citizens have supported our initiative to have a separated RS of the imposed BiH, with a honest desire for a right and a peaceful political solution, that could help our country to evolve not only economically, but even in other ways.
All over the world, a distorted image about the war inside the former Yugoslavia was created.  Others have fabricated and exaggerated up to ten times the individual pains and victims, presenting the Serbian people exclusively as an aggressor and criminal.  Not only during this war, but mostly during the last wars, the Serbian people was a martyr one, who currently feels embarrassed because of the suffered pains, and this is the real reason for not having shown its own sufferings.  This is the reason why allegations about BiH activities against Serbia and Montenegro could be resurrected.
Those allegations don’t have a legitimate basis and, if we go back to the beginning of the war, we would notice that the secessionist republics (republics of the former Yugoslavia, who was a sovereign state and UN founder) are responsible for this conflict, which had even secessionist characteristics.
Through this truth we don’t blame, we only defend ourselves!
Yugoslavia broke apart, but the biggest problem rested, which is that of Iosip Broz Tito’s borders, inequitable and harmful not only for the Serbian people, but even for other nations.
For this reason, „until the devil doesn’t begin his work”, and in order to avoid returning to 1991, when the three nations leaders weren’t able to negotiate the main national problems, we are appealing to You all to help us in establishing the right of the people self – determination, for allowing the citizens to chose their own living standards.  Why?
This is the peaceful and right „Solomon’s solution”, which obstructs the stability on this areas.
In Western Balkans, in the last 500 years, each nation have succeeded to preserve their own values, without taking into account that the people were killed here only because they were Croats or Serbian Muslims or, by using dictatorship and force, some of them desired only to rule the others.
Concerning these, we can declare that the International Community’s project regarding the existence of a multinational state in Balkans is not possible.
Any religious liberty and national patriotism obstruction will be a disaster on these territories, as well as at the global level.
BiH state is an imposed one.  This fact can be noticed if we look closer to the BiH Constitutional Court’s decision regarding the three nations’ constitutivity in RS and FBiH, which was made by three foreign citizens – judges of the above mentioned authority, while the Serbian and Croatian judges voted against it.
This decision represents a real problem and the source for other wrong future decisions, which will break apart for good the Dayton Agreement, accepted by Serbians with fear, for the sake of peace implementation.
The common bills (Indirect Tax Administration) and certain quotients, set for redirecting abnormally of a huge amount of money represents a lie and also as well a robbery against RS and its people.  We don’t ask for our people more than others have and ask for their nation.
FBiH is carrying on activities through which it proves his hate against RS and Serbian people.  These are visible and permanently attempts to present RS as a genocidal establishment and to minimize the importance of its institutions, so that the rights won by RS after the Dayton Agreement could be taken over by FBiH.
By dividing BiH, no people have to sacrifice itself, its culture, history, or soul, and in this way all of us will be free.
It’s normal that a lot of Croats and Serbians have feelings of approach for Croatia and Serbia.  The Serbians are very unsatisfied with their status in Balkans, for they are being presented as a people who fought for ethnic purification but, in fact, we can notice, that in Croatia there aren’t almost any Serbians (despite the fact that previously there were about 1.000.000 people) and they cannot be found not even in FBiH.
The Serbians are doomed to loose by confiscation Kosovo and Metohia, the soul of this people, and RS is to be eradicated.
We want only Christian’s values and to be integrated in EU, but this integration must take into account also the Serbians point of view.
While Europe is integrating, the Serbian people is tried to be disintegrated.
The unifying of all Serbians and their acceptance among the other happy nations of Europe, would mean that Serbian people to be the leader of stabilization and evolution in Balkans.
If we aim to a human rights respecting society, the laws for protecting these rights won’t be sufficient, being necessary that behind of them to stay soulfully people, who really respect these rights due to their religious belief and love for the others.
For these reasons is necessary that all the three confessions to learn more and solve the social and political problems on these territories.

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