Serbian people would experience eventual recognition of Kosovo independence as deep hostility

17.12.2007. год.

Prime Minister of Albania Government, Sali Berisa, and leader of Democratic
Party of Kosovo, Hasim Taci, have said in Tirana that the declaring date of
Kosovo independence is defined. Therefore, we are asking from our newly elected
President of Republic of Srpska, Mr. Rajko Kuzmanovic, National Assembly and
Prime Minister of Republic of Srpska Government, Mr. Milorad Dodik, to point on
seriousness of situation if some of our neighboring countries decide to
eventually recognize one-sided independence of Kosovo.
That eventual act of some of neighboring countries Serbian people would
experience as deeply hostile. That act would seriously harm relations of
Serbian people and country that done it, and with it that country would support
ravishment of Serbian land or territory.

Movement  "The choice is ours"  considers useful that
other neighboring countries are aware of Republic of Srpska and Serbian people
attitude when they make decision on Kosovo independence, to have in mind
catastrophic consequences on region that would occur as the result of such
hostile act of any of neighboring country.
(SNP The choice is ours) 

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