Letter Mr. NIKOLI SPIRICU, Council of Ministers Chairman B&H, apropos his interview given Reuters independence Kosovo – Republic of Srpska

12.04.2007. год.

We wonder Mr. Spiric why do you think that the Serbs in Republic of Srpska in anyway should not connect there status with the solution of Kosovo question and that it would be mean less.

You may said that, because we need piece and understanding with other people: Muslims, Bosnians and Croats, but Mr. Spiric but to us the piece, understanding and love are in first place needed with our brothers in faith and language and that’s natural.
That piece, understanding and love between brothers is not a threat to no one, but contrary, represents “shacked hand” for corporation with other nations or states.

You were wrong when you said that Serbs do not bring in question B&H like state. We say that in the name of 50.000 citizens, who with signatures are asking for assignment Republic of Srpska from impose B&H.
Referendum would show how much the Serbs want that. That should be clear to all. And then with the right we can say that you can say something like that only in the name of those who have suicidal aims in mind. Because how otherwise to explain your insistent telling that the Republic of Srpska is a part of B&H and that the Serbs want that, when Bosnian politicians and the most of Muslims, Bosnians claim that Republic of Srpska is a genocide creation and that it should be disestablished.

They do not except that kind of reform of police which in general dispossess Ministry of Interior Republic of Srpska, only because in the name is mentioned Ministry of Interior RS. Do we need to mention what is with the symbols of Republic of Srpska? In the House of Peoples Republic of Srpska, Bosnians have put the veto on the law about holidays, not wanting that in Republic of Srpska celebrates January 9th – The day when the Republic of Srpska was claimed. And at the end Mr. Spiric  what the say on the decision of Presidency B&H with which is trying to order Serbia without any right , and we very well know that for the most of  Serbian people in Republic of Srpska Serbia is our country, just like for the most of Croats in FB&H, Croatia is their country.

We expect, that you will agree that the process is start up, to put a veto on this kind of decision of  Presidency B&H.

In the failure of understanding you, in your interview, we are greeting you in the hope in front of you is a thought that you are a Serbian representative from Republic of Srpska, who remembers pre election promises.

12 April 2007.

(Serbian National Movement - CHOSE IS OURS) 

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